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Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Try...

Well, I waited all week for feedback on what kinds of recipes you all want more of and what's helpful for you, but so far have had no responses. I'm hoping this means you are happy with what I've been posting... :) I still need feedback, though, so I've started another poll to expedite the process. And of course I still welcome comments on this topic or any others that pertain to this blog.



Mommy Bee said...

I was absent...but I've voted now.

One other thing I Want to put in a vote for--add pictures with your recipes please!! I know that means more time and more effort in making the listings, but people 'eat with their eyes,' really. I'm 10x more likely to try a recipe if I can see a picture that looks yummy. I've started photographing meals several days a week, even though I don't always post the recipes right away, I have a bunch of photos saved in a folder on my computer. And since I started posting recipes with photos I get more comments and I think more people are using my recipes--so it's very much worth it. :)

Katrina said...

I have been adding pics as I get them, have you noticed? My main problem is that both my camera and the terrible lighting in my kitchen are against me and the pictures aren't turning out that great. But I'm still posting the least bad ones. :/

But at any rate, very few people in my first poll actually voted for more photos, surprisingly. Far and away the majority of readers wanted more recipes (which surprised me, since there are so many recipe blogs out there)--thus the reason I asked what kinds of recipes people are looking for.


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