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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Jello" Salad

I've never been one to get excited about jello, but this healthy variation is one I really enjoy, as do my kids. And the flavor is so much richer than plain old jello that several guests have commented on how good it is. I also love how versatile the recipe is!
How is it healthier? No refined sugars and no artificial flavors or colors. Note: Gelatin packets/envelopes are available in different sized boxes in the jello section of your local grocery store.

Gelatin Salad
Pour 2 envelopes gelatin into small pan with 1 c. cool water Allow to soften 5 min.
Bring to boil, stirring constantly (burns easily). Gelatin should be completely dissolved by this time. Take off heat, stir in 1 can of juice concentrate, any kind (100% juice), cold or frozen. Add 1 Tb. lemon juice.
Put pan in fridge and check every few minutes.
Add cut up fruit of choice when "jello" is starting to harden.
Transfer to serving dish, place back in fridge until set.
Two of my favorite juices to use in this recipe are white grape and peach, and white grape and raspberry. Fruits I especially like to use are peaches, bananas, and any kinds of berries.


Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

I'm just amazed by all your ideas! Keep 'em coming!

Katrina said...

Well, to be honest, this wasn't my idea. :) It's something my mom started doing many years ago...and I think she got it from a health cookbook.

jcgk said...

This is how my mom made Jello when we were little...she called them Knox Blocks. I prefer this to Jello because I hate the fakey taste (and aftertaste) of Jello. I use 3-4 envelopes of gelatin (depending on the amount of liquid) to make it firmer (to cut into jiggler squares or put in bite sized molds or ice cube trays). I'm not a fan of fruit in my I leave it plain.


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