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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ooma: Budgeting Tip #5

I haven't posted any financial tips in a while, so I've decided to venture out of the kitchen today. :)

This is something I've been excited about for a while, ever since my friend told me about it. It's called Ooma and it's been talked about in media like the Today Show. (From what my friend has told me, it beats MagicJack, though in reading customers' reviews, it sounds like it depends on what you're look for, as the two products have different strengths.) But Ooma seems perfect for my family's needs, so I hope to purchase it in the near future.

What is Ooma? It's a phone service/system that works through your existing cable or DSL internet line. You get free U.S. calling, call-waiting and caller ID, and outstanding voice quality. And unlike MagicJack, you don't have to leave your computer on to make and receive phone calls or have a long-distance number, and from all I have heard, the clarity of reception doesn't even begin to compare. You pay around $300 for it once, up front, and then only $11.95 per year after that! If you're like us and you have a "bundle" that includes internet and long-distance phone, you will start saving quite a bit of money after only about 3 months. I love things that pay for themselves! And I absolutely hate paying $70+ per month for phone and internet!

Here is Ooma's official website, if you're interested in learning more about this product and want to calculate how much you would save by buying it.


gary said...

Have you looked into Skype? My friend used that for awhile and really liked it.

Katrina said...

I actually have skype, but I prefer being able to use the phone even when the computer isn't on, and most of the people I call don't have skype. But this option probably would work for many people; thanks for the suggestion.

Amy said...

We love ooma so much!! I have saved tons of money so far. it is awesome, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Amy said...

Also, if you look for deals on Ooma, i got mine for 160! Which I thought was a steal, just look for sales, I got mine on in combination with some BING cash back


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